Sunday, January 25, 2009

Made with lots of love for me!

Have I said lately how much in awe of my darling girl I am? She amazes me everyday. The only thing that surpasses her cleverness is her kindness. She got together with Jennifer and made my labels which I love probably beyond reason. Then as if that wasn't enough, she embroidered and embellished this organizer around the logo she designed. I wish I could have watched her do this, watching her is as fun as seeing the end result. Intense much? I would have made her coffee and cinnamon bread and watched her go to town! This doesn't do the nest justice. Hopefully you get the idea.
Layers of felt and little embroidered birdie feet.

Look close at the wings. Oh my word, what patience!

My dear husband suggested that since I spend more time at work than at home, that I hang it by my desk. I think I will. It's a good suggestion even though I think there was a not so hidden statement in there somewhere.

I love you Jessica!


  1. you make me laugh! I love you!

  2. Holy cow! it's amazing, I see why her title is "insanely crafty"! It's intense, the birds are AMAZING!!!

  3. OH~MY~GOSH! How fabulous is that!!!!! When I hear Jessica, I see in my mind, this skinny little girl with the cutes little smile, who was constantly trying to work my very last nerve with all her questions.....! And now, she's turned into this totally creative being that does the most incredible things. Who'd have thunk?! Jessica, amazing!

  4. I commented on its gorgeousness on Jess's blog, but I can say it again! WOW! You are one lucky mama! Hehe!

  5. She is soooo your daughter! It's soooo cool!

  6. that is the coolest thing i've ever seen. so much detail! you are very lucky.

  7. I was lucky enough to see it in person! It's even better which is hard to imagine!


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