Monday, January 12, 2009

Lech Austria 2009

These pictures are backward. Sorry. Having a great time.


  1. SOOOO pretty! What'd you eat off of that big grill? So I think "Leyk" is in Switzerland, so that clears up my confusion. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

    Are you watching the Patch blog? I'm trying to keep you updated!

  2. Shortly after this photo was taken we threw 16 rib eye steaks on the grill to cook for the house. Fun times.

    I am not only watching the blog I am commenting.....

  3. Jealous, jealous, so insanely jealous, have a wonderful and safe time!!!

  4. yeah I think I am with Sherie and i am changing my blogs name to insanely jealous. Moo miss you guys wish I was there... next year ... oh and matt is jealous of the aprons....keep posting

  5. That looks like so much fun! and the men sure look purty in those aprons:)


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