Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lazy Saturday

We went out to the driving range to play with Uber's new toy. I took a bunch of picture and it's hysterical he looks angry every time he swings at the ball.

Here's a video

This picture is purely to show you that I am now ok with posting pictures of my backside. I stopped eating candy and I lost 4 pounds and it was all in my thighs. Whoot people

Me in action

The determined look of a serious golfer. Wait what is she wearing?

Yes people I bought myself some blinging glasses. I am now going to throw on everyones favorite black eyed peas song and dance around the house... at least Uber will be thrilled.

I LOVE the Schleich figurines I collect them when ever I find them for a good price... I got a few more today the Clydesdale and the goat animal (hmmm not really sure what it yeah I know they are kids toys, I totally let kids who come over play with them! See I am nice!

Moms Bday present for Uber... finally found it today. We were in the toy section of Target (no comment) and I had been looking for this thing forever.
I was all sly like 'which nerf gun was it that you were looking at again?'
Uber 'I am not seeing it (turns around) oh wait there it is' which was a total shock to me cause I missed it
me 'oh I really think that you should take that home'
Uber 'Yeah so do I' (quizzical look cause he is wondering if I am well)
me 'No really, this is Mums birthday present for you'
Uber 'Seriously....(look of pure glee) AWESOME!!!!'
He proceeds to walk around for the next hour giggling.
Yeah this could be dangerous. He is already talking about wiring it to a remote control car battery. Mark my words nothing good can come of this!

Wait ...I stand corrected... something can.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. There is crafting going on over here but it is all top secret.


  1. You guys look so cute golfing! You really hit the ball!! Tell Matt to becareful cause he doesn't want his face to freeze into a frowny face...

    I am so glad you found the gun but I seriously had no idea it was that big. Please don't shoot eachothers eye out!

    Oh! You got a mountian goat! He's cool.

  2. Love all your pictures, looks like you two are having way too much fun!!! Love the bling glasses! Didn't ever think I would see you wearing something like those. And, they look good on you! I like your zoo! Have you given them all names????? :)


  4. Okay missy... I have glasses like those! What's wrong with having blingy glasses? I think we look Fabulous Daaaling! ;)

  5. Obviously there is Nothing wrong with blinging glasses... because I have some now!! I normally wouldn't pickup the huge glasses but ummm... they have sparkles!!
    I haven't named the animals, which now that I think about is wierd cause I name everything. The goat is definately BILLLLLYYYYYYYY! just for Beau.
    Oh and Kelly your son needs one of these nerf guns. I was ambushed on my way down the stairs this morning which didn't go over well since I was really sore from the driving range and trying to get to church on time.


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