Sunday, January 25, 2009

A weekend of sewing... and inflicting unnecessary pain on myself...

Thanks for all of the organizer love! I am really stoked that you all liked it so much!

Here's the second Kitchen aide cover completed. Even though the outside is done out of the same fabric I think they both have a different feel to them since I didn't get quite the same cuts and it's not in the same order.

I think this one maybe my favorite out of the two...

a peek of the inside

Okay well I might like the brown polka dots more then the green ... but that is just because I have green walls in my kitchen so it's a little much with all of the green going on. This is a Moda print.

These will be up in the shop tomorrow... since I have run out of time to get them up tonight.

This is actually what I have been working on since Thursday night...
Covers for my extra table leafs and living room cabinet shelves. They turned out really well... they could of gone a little easier if i had just gotten a quarter yard more of the fabric (really really big ARGH considering I got the fabric for $4 a yard on sale : ( !!! ) But for working with the fabric I bought they turned out really great- the only down side is they are fitted and the leafs must go in the cover in a specific direction. Which actually isn't terrible I was just planning on them being more bulky and kind of what ever.
They are duck cloth on the outside and are lined with felt. Then there is industrial strength Velcro that keeps them closed. Which by the way how are you supposed to work with that stuff?? I tried to sew the Velcro on after ironing (which is something I have always done before) and the glue is SO STICKY that my machine couldn't sew it. And as I was seam ripping out the little bit of thread that did make it through the gunky stick mess the seam ripper broke and the broken metal part took a rather large chunk out of my thumb... Moo!! Anyway I am now in the market for a much sturdier seam ripper....

These things are slightly addictive I worked on them during the drive to and from Atlanta... they really eat up way more time then they should!! Still not sure what I am going to do with them... but I have some ideas.

Hope you all had a good rest of your weekend we finished up the last season of Dexter tonight and I really enjoyed it... though I cant watch too much of it at once (well not the ones when he is killing people) because I get bummed out... the death scenes are a little graphic...
I am nursing two very bruised knees right now we went out to eat at Five Guys (a burger joint) after church and I fell - it was so painful that I wasn't even embarrassed... Uber caught my head so it didn't hit the floor... which is good because my hands didn't have time to catch me since they were full with a drink I managed not to spill...why not spilling mattered more as I was falling then catching myself I don't know...I dont think I actually though I was going to fall though. The floors had greasy patches I guess... I thought I hit liquid but there was nothing there. I was surprised the staff didn't seem to care... we were there with people from Church though so I didn't want to be a problem... though one of the girls with us hit the same patch as I did luckily she was wearing flats... so anyway just thought I would share that lovely story with you if you managed to make it this far down in the post.


  1. Love all your projects you have done. I'm working on something, will show it if it turns out. I HATE that you fell. Oh, my goodness, and they didn't even care!! How rude. I hope tomorrow your knees are not really hurting. If they are go back and give them a piece of my mind........take care of yourself, love ya

  2. Tell Matt thanks from the bottom of my heart for catching your head. I think since one of you fell and one of you almost fell complaining more would have been in order. Nice catch on the drink though!
    I have got to get you the fabric I want for my cover. Since my machine sits right by my stove though, I am paranoid about having such a pretty cover next to my spattering food.....
    Hope you save some pinecones for me for when I do decorate again....
    Your covers for the leaves really turned out well. I am not sure about the sticky stuff either other than I don't think they think people will try to sew it too..... there is industrial sew-in out there also. The sticky stuff is pretty much death to whatever it touches unless you use goo gone which then you have to make sure ALL of it is off or it gets on your fabric.

    How was that for a long comment?

  3. falling at any age sucks but falling when you're not a kid sucks even more! it hurts!! Those pinecones would be so cute in a bowl (sans ribbon) in my parents cabin.

  4. Oh my, what a horrid person I am. I'm sorry that you incurred pain in the fall, thankful that you didn't get seriously hurt, but boy howdy, I got such a chuckle out of your telling of the whole incident. Seriously, I 'bout peee'd my pants! (I am so sorry, it has nothing to do with your pain, honestly, it was all about how you relayed the story! Really!) I could very easily imagine the whole thing by your very well written by play. And I am picturing the whole, "saving the drink"... lol...Oh my here I go again.....=-)
    So the cover is fab! Again. Hope you don't mind but I am definitely going to swipe your idea and make my own! I love, love, love your table leaf covers! And the pinecones are just the cutest. Although, I wouldn't know what to do with them as a year round deco. Oh, and also the cover....? When you make your moms cover, you should also make her a plastic cover to go over the whole of it. As in to cover the cover that covers the machine! whew! =-)
    Hope you're knees and fingers feel better soon Jess!

  5. Wow! Really fun projects. Sorry you fell. I went head first down stairs in France a few weeks ago. Grrr.

  6. Joan you are slightly bitter... but I will laugh with you as soon as my knees (and body) stop aching!!
    Also if I can get my act together I will be making a pattern for the kitchenaide cover.... it maybe a little while though.
    The pinecones wont be out all year they just didn't get done at the appropriate time so you are seeing them now...
    Mum I dont know what to tell you about the whole sitting next to the stove thing (other then move it wah hahaha)....I heard Joan was making you a plastic cover for your cover though... :)

  7. You two make me laugh! I am having day-mares about people that used to cover their furniture in plastic so it wouldn't get dirty when people sat on it.....

  8. I forgot to say that I love the mixer cover. I made a white organdy (the stiffness of organdy helps keep it's shape) one but I need a new one. I need a cover for my dress form's getting so dusty.

  9. Niiiiiiiiice, Jess. ;/ But, day-mares? Hmmm, I may be tempted to sew up a plastic cover just to hear of your mothers reaction! I wonder... think she would go over the edge if I did make the plastic covers? Mwahahahahaha..I don't think it would be as funny (her reaction) as "mishap". And I wouldn't call it bitterness as much as having a warped (possibly) sense of humor. I wonder if your mom remembers how I laughed at Allen when his back went out. Gosh, that still brings a chuckle out of me... he-he ;)

  10. I didnt REALLY mean you were bitter Joan... I laugh when people get hurt too... maybe I hung out with you too much when I was young and impressionable HA!!!


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