Monday, January 5, 2009

Ubers 365th day before 30

That's right Ubers getting old!! His birthday was on Saturday and it was all about him!
His favorite breakfast is Breakfast burritos we used to get them from a Mexican bakery around the corner from our apartment in SoCal. Since that is a little too far away now he makes his own version. Which are almost as good... if I could just get him to make his tortillas from scratch! Its cheddar cheese, spicy sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and salsa. They are SOOOOOO good... and SOOOO bad for you!

Uber opened his secret present which he was thrilled with. He also got a new golf bag and driver. And no it isn't cold here he just feels the need to wear the hat when ever he is in the house... don't ask.
Then we headed out for some putt putt and arcade games

I'm not really great at this BUT I did get a hole in one and he didn't... Whoot! However the hole in is one of the few times I got the ball in the hole... because you know if I dont make it in two tries then I start goofing off...

Then went out to Ruth Chris for dinner and stuffed ourselves... YUM! This is the view we had at the restraunt.

Uber wasted no time getting his board up and working. And we have had no problems losing quite a few hours this weekend playing with it. Who knew throwing small sharp objects could be so addicitive.
Here are my kitchen drawers. They seriously mess with my groove. Especially since Uber never puts anything in the same place.

I finally went to Bed Bath and Beyond and came up with a solution. It's not perfect but it definately makes me happier.

We'll just have to see how Uber proof they are.


  1. You're not OCD you're just neat, yeah, that's it!

    Looks like the perfect day! Why Why Why has he never fixed me a breakfast burrito??????

    I'm gonna get me a set of darts with bling then I can throw sharp and shiny objects and that would be even more fun!

  2. you need to be drinking Corinnea when you throw the bling. That's the safe thing to do. I can't believe you're wearing sandals! It just snowed again here and has been in the low 20's here.

  3. Not only do I wear sandals on Sunday I was in a tank top too... it was 80 outside (miserable)
    Ohh... I need to go to the craft store now and buy some swaroski crystals... this is going to be awesome....
    Oh and Mum if you come over for breakfast I am sure he will make you a burrito...

  4. Eeeeyoooo! 80 degrees in Jan.? How awful for you! No seriously, winter should be about cold & snow! Like it is here in Nebraska for 4 months of the year! ;) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your drawers after you fixed them. I think I may be a closet OCD person. ;) I love for things to look pretty even in places where people don't normally see. although, I've managed to have one crazy, scary drawer! I try to stay out of that one!


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