Friday, January 16, 2009

Lech day 6, or are you tired of this yet?

The view out my window this morning. The three dots on the run are the guys. I'm zoomed in too....
Instead of skiing today, I went up to the highest peak here.

Brinkley really loves the snow. He will dive into it face first.


  1. NO! NEVER! How can I live vicariously through you if I don't get the images?! I LOVE it! Brinkley is really making me want to be there, rolling around in the snow! Reminds me of Jack and Molly years ago and all those little snow balls that they got caked in in their furs... Fun now seeing pics, fun now remembering the past...

  2. Not tired at all! You've been awesome to keep up with it every day! I was just telling someone (forgot who now) about how Brinkley "swims" through the snow! :)

  3. More picture!! Did he try and knock you over this year? By the way what is the elevation of lech Matt was trying to guess the other day and I didn't know.

  4. Oh this is beautiful! I would love to have this view every morning when I wake up. Brinkley seems like he is having a geat vacationa as well. :)


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