Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birdie Mobile

I am so excited to show you Isabella's mobile! I had planned regardless of the sex that the next baby's mobile would be birds. I started this two days before we found out for sure it would be a girl and was happy to get to come home and make crab apple blossoms for my tree branch!
 I seriously love felt - it's so much fun to work with because you can make anything out of it! 
A barred owl. I really think owls are some of the prettiest birds... of course they can also be pretty scary so I decided he should be sitting instead of flying!
 Hummingbirds are Uber's Mom's favorite bird so I knew one had to be included. 
 A blue bird - my grandmother is always taking pictures of these in her backyard... among other things but these are the cutest! 
 Cardinals are my Mum's favorite bird. 
 This is the only one that I didn't choose for a specific reason I just wanted another color of bird and a yellow warbler was the first yellow bird that popped up on my google search... 
 I went back and forth on how to do the branch in the end I used my only crochet skills to make a branch out of roving yarn and then felted it. I am really happy with it and so happy that the felting process made my ridiculously imperfect job almost invisible or possibly intentional!
Micah is absolutely infatuated with it. He wants so badly to play with it and will go into the guestroom where it's hanging and point and babble about it. I am pretty sure he is plotting ways to get to it... since I've caught him on his way into the room with things like a hanger! Hopefully the baby will enjoy it half as much!

And a big fat P.S. I finally got my act together and started selling on Spoonflower -- I still haven't finished the Color Book (soon hopefully) but my Zoo fabric and Number Book are up. Thanks!


  1. You know I LOVE this!!! Since I've become the 'old bird lady' and get very excited about watching them. It's fun to think that my g-grandbaby girl will be looking at that and loving birds too. I think maybe you need to make Micah something he can hit with a clothes hanger or stick or something???? I can picture him doing that,he is so funny! Love this Jessica it is pretty amazing!

  2. Seriously girl, this is spectacular, you amaze me! Oh yeah, I sorta what one too

  3. That's one seriously wonderful mobile. I've done some felting but nothing 3D. This is just beyond cool. I think I'd be heading for your guest room with a hanger and a big sack to snaffle it away too!

  4. Holy cow Jess! That's spectacular! How is the hummingbird staying on? Is there wire through the beak or something? WOW! Just amazing! I'm imagining Micah sneaking through the house with his hanger! Hahaha!

  5. This mobile is crazy cool! I'm so impressed with how you made that branch. I want to see it hanging in the baby room when you finish.

  6. Hey hey... pregnant again too I see! Congratulations yourself! Odd thing is, my mobil is birds too! My sister made it though, not me. Yours is SPECTACULAR! I would so love to see that up close!


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