Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun Gifts

Sorry I am taking so long to get my posts up to date. Poor Jess, she is so impatient  with me. Seriously, she tries hard to help me stay on top of things.
When the kids were small, like my parents before me, we let them open a gift on Christmas Eve. Even though everyone know what the gift was, it was still fun. Since returning to the states, I've revisited that tradition, and which ever kids are here,  they get Christmas Eve pjs.

Micah trying to figure out what all the boxes are about.

I used flannel I found at Joann's. It's surprisingly soft and cosy.
I found some with cute bird on a wire type print for Jess.
You may or may not have noticed that Uber's and Micah's match. There are all sorts of animals on the fabric.

It's cute, and scary, but mostly cute, I think......

Just hangin out.
We bumped our Christmas up a bit so we could enjoy a leisurely day. I made cinnamon rolls the night before and let them do their last rising over night, in the fridge so we could bake them up fresh. I'd not tried that with this recipe and I'm happy that it turned out.
 My mom made this lovely bit of glass for me. She fused and then slumped it. I love it.
It was a fun day watching the boy learn how to open gifts and receiving lovely presents.
 Brinkley tried hard to open everything.
This is my handmade gift from Jess. It is an amazing storage solution, mostly meant for travel but looks great on a shelf too. See the post prior to this for more details. (I got another very cool gift from her and Uber and I will show you later)


  1. Love this post. The PJ pictures are perfect. The one of Micah just hanging out is priceless! Your tree was so beautiful, the rolls yummy looking! But where are pictures of g-ma and g-pa?

  2. Christmas was so much fun! We need another 4 day holiday to lounge around again! Love the PJs!

  3. I have been doing the same tradition since Logan was born....then Julie Jackson and Gabby. They all still like it. Maybe next year I will try and make themmmm......right. Love the ones you made.


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