Monday, January 23, 2012

Pillow Talk

A few weeks back we had a sewing with friends day at my house. I was helping one young woman sew some pillow cases. We'd done it once before, but since then I came across the hotdog pillow case method. Where has this been? Why can't I think of these things on my own???
Anyway, I made one so I could show her the results. Of course, you can't just make one pillow case, can you?
I used a couple of Michael Miller fabrics from the Citron Gray line, Gray Lil' Plain Jane and Citron Play Stripe. The accent strip is Kona charcoal.  I will eventually do a quilt that coordinates with these........
 Normally I wouldn't choose big flowers for something like this but they make me happy. 
Nap time!


  1. Oh, jealous of the weather! These look great and am looking forward to watching the quilt be made!

  2. Love those! They are happy pillows. I've been toying with the idea of trying to make a new blanket set for my bed, that hot dog thing might just sway me toward it...

  3. That's a neat method! I hadn't made one before because we have the German square pillows, but that would be an easy class! Yours are cute! I still really like gray and yellow. :)

  4. The flower print looks great in your hammock. Looks like their suppose to be outside. How many times can I say "you are so creative."

  5. I could NOT grasp the tutorial! I think it's a cool idea if I could understand what I'm seeing. If you still lived here....


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