Monday, January 30, 2012

Fireplace Redo and ♥ Garland

Jessica-Wow until seeing this picture I had completely blocked out just how ugly this room started out! -Sorry Mum!- But HEY look at that freshly vacuumed carpet! 
Corinnea- Ugly doesn't quite describe it....
J-It was an immediate improvement when Dad took off the cultured pink marble... no joke... it took a little while to get the new one up and yet, the unfinished, patched, unpainted drywall made the room feel cleaner! 
C- Um, yeah, I think it took about three weeks to complete the project and the whole time I thought how amazing it was that getting rid of that pink surround made the whole place look cleaner. 
C- Ta Da! My clever husband strikes again, and Jessica helped do the tiling. The hearth is a four inch tumbled marble and the surround is a small polished marble subway tile. The mantel was put together with a few different mouldings and pine boards. I'm very impressed with You Know Who's workmanship...
J- See the Valentine decoration? Yes Mum's super favorite awesome daughter made her, her very own V-day garland- Isn't she awesome!? Don't forget about our nifty Valentine Garland Tutorial - in case you didn't make yours last year!
C- Last time I checked, Jessica, you are my only daughter and yes, you are awesome! Thank you so much for the garland. I'm glad my demanding begging finally paid off.

For those of you longing for a Micah moment, here it is. This boy loves his dog!


  1. Yes, it is amazing what 'he' can do; but I'm also not surprised!

    I love the subway tile and the total new look.

    The room really was never ugly, not with the windows and airy-ness of it!

    Last, but definitely not least (actually the best part of the blog but thought I needed to aw over the projects and get that out of the way)

    THAT BOY.....not shouting, just happy, he is takes the prize. He and Brinkly are a pair. It looks like Brink's fur is on top of Micah's head????? Probably shadow, but it's still darling, thanks for the fix...

  2. really nice work from Tim! I love fireplaces and I love ugly to pretty! I was just thinking about that garland and trying to decide if I should make one...

  3. Beautiful work - the fireplace and the garland. :) But definitely give Tim props for all the remodeling! WOW! Aw... Micah and Brinkley! So sweet!


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