Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Crafting

Christmas crafting was minimal this year. I finally made everyone makeup travel cases, it's a improved version of this. I am still thinking about doing a tutorial but am just not sure I will come up with the time... crafting for the new baby keeps sounding like more fun! 

Micah received some really awesome handmade gifts this year. I really wanted to round them up for show and tell but I just can't seem to get them all together...he's having too much fun playing with them... maybe soon?!


  1. I was one of the lucky recipients of this gift. I love this case! Thanks Jess. If I can ever get it together enough to help, we'll get a pattern done. Some day.

  2. Oh wow these are gorgeous. Such a great design. I never know what to do with make up brushes when I travel so I usually resort to using the tiny applicators that live in some of the make up boxes. You know the one's that are next to useless and manage to break...

  3. I got one too! It is very cool and SO well made. I am looking forward to going somewhere so I can use it. What a great way to keep the makeup brushes 'safe' & everything together for 'Z face'.
    It is also very pretty and has a pretty pull on it.


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