Monday, January 16, 2012


I feel that an essential part of my preparation in having a grand-daughter is making her some tutus. I may be over doing things here but I really don't think this one is quite full enough.... It definitely won't fit her as a new born, so back to the drawing board there.....
(Thank you Micah and Gramps for telling me the skirt was glowing)

I'll be making another soon but wanted your feed back on this one.
I chose three colors. Two shades of green and one blue. I cut them in strips, layered the strips, sewed and gathered, then sandwiched it between the satin ribbon. I threaded the elastic through and finished sewing it up. 
I've seen that most people choose to tie the netting on an elastic waist band. I liked the idea of a ribbon adding more texture. I wasn't careful enough with the ribbon on this one so the seam in back is a bit rough. It'll still make a fun dress up skirt for a 2-3 year old.
What do you think?
Interestingly enough I made Jess plenty of princess outfits when she was a little girl but never a tutu. 
Which do you prefer for your girly-girls?


  1. Very cute. I think the elastic was a great idea. One of my friends daughters has a Tutu made the other way and to is tournament where it ties. So great idea on the elastic...Cindy Lou hoo

  2. S/b torn. Stupid auto correct.

  3. I think it is the perfect thing to made for that baby girl!!! I love the color combination. Maybe you could find 'someone' to model it?

  4. The colors are great - I really love that shade of blue mixing it up a little. I prefer the look of the satin waistband (and I'm sure it's more comfy too). No matter what you make, she'll love it! My two girls have a new dress-up on every 5 minutes, and I can guarantee that even if it's covered in ink, missing a sleeve, and the skirt is half torn off, they'll still wear it every day, much to their mama's chagrin! Oh, and don't forgot to throw a few different yards of soft/drapey fabric in the dress-up box too. Sometimes the easiest thing is the best. I swear they play with those plain old yards of fabric just as much as the intricately sewn princess dresses!

  5. This reminds me when I was about 7 and started taking ballet classes (which I had to give up when I could no longer get a lift to class - My mum doesn't drive.) Anyway, I hated pink as it was too girlie so refused to wear anything pink. As a result I had royal blue tutu, leotard and my mum knitted me a matching ballet cardigan. All the other little girls would line up in their little pink outfits and I'd be the only one in bright blue. Ironic I'd wear a net tutu and ballet gear but decided pink was too girlie!!! Love the satin waistband on your tutu!

  6. That's adorable!! When I made mine, I used ribbon for the waist band, because I didn't like the way the elastic stretched as I tied on the tulle. If I thought I could manage to sew one the way you did, I would have! It's gorgeous! And I think your girl should have a little of everything in her dress up box. Pretty dresses, tutus, sparkly shoes, and yes, random pieces of pretty fabric, AND a few of the non-traditional "girl" dress up things too, like cowgirl, police woman, and super hero things. I know I loved it all when I was little!

  7. Pretty! I like this better than the tied ones. It has a more finished look. I think it will be very well loved!

  8. I love it! The three colors together are perfect. It reminds me of the ocean.


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