Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walls Go Up lll

This should be the last in this series..... There's one other possible wall change but that's down the road a bit.
So this first picture is the way before. 
As soon as I saw this area I knew I wanted to change it. The open spaces at the top of the closets is such a dust catching area. I was never, ever going to put any thing up there so closing it in was a great idea and while we were doing that, why not make an arch over the bathtub area???
You Know Who, being the ingenious guy that he is, did some research and came up with this plan. 
I do think he is rather clever.
Very determined too.
I was very anxious to see it done.

I think the wait was worth it.
My view when I indulge in a bath. 
Oops, I keep forgetting to fix that broken chain....


  1. You THINK he's rather clever??? Oh my word, is there anything he can't do? That looks wonderful! Can't wait to see more of your house pictures.

  2. It's even better in person! I love it lit up at night!

  3. WOW......... I'm floored! That is so beautiful!! The frames are really cool too. Is that a clock on the wall? WHY would you want to know what time it was if you were soaking in THERE?! Awesome!

  4. Oooh, this is the best one yet! So pretty!! Can he come to our house next? :P


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