Thursday, January 5, 2012

Horsing Around

When we got home on New Years Eve Uber informed me we were staying up until midnight... not my initial plan (what?! 10pm is a completely acceptable time for bed on New Years!) and not only that, I had left all of my WIPs at Mum's house.... because I was going to bed! 

So after a brief glance over my project inspiration file I decided Micah needed a stick something. I had saved this picture... I think 4 or so years ago. And after some digging I finally found that these were sold at Wisteria at some point- sorry not anymore. 
So I went through my felt supply (I am trying really hard to use up as much of my supplies as I can over the next few months... since I will soon be giving up the closet space in the guest room), and decided it would have to be a plain old horse since I only seem to have large quantities of brown! 
The project ended up taking the 2 hours until Uber finally let me sleep and then another hour or so the next day. 
 It was actually a lot of fun. I had no plan and no brain. So I just cut out the general shapes I thought should work and then sewed them and then flipped it inside out and looked at it again before making more adjustments. 
 Once the general shape was together I stuffed him and hand stitched on his white spot and eyes. 
 It did end up requiring a quick stop by Joanns for the dowel, a wood plaque to keep his neck nice, and the red strapping. I think the project ran under $6
 And Micah finds it very funny. Although he prefers it if you (read Grandma) ride it around the house and chase him. 
 He does drag it around the house and I am sure when he gets a little bit bigger he will figure out the whole ridding it thing.
 Meanwhile it's still getting plenty of love! 
I also made a carrot... unfortunately I forgot to bring it for the pictures... oh well!


  1. Oh, how adorable. I remember my boys having something like this when they were little! What an awesome creative streak that just happened!

  2. I like your's better than the inspiration ones. The look on that boy's face is hilarious...he wants to carry that horse instead of riding....Very cute Jess. Oh, and I can see someone(grandma) riding around on it.

  3. Really cute! I love the mane, I'm sure Charlotte would love a unicorn one...

  4. He is the cutest great nephew in the world. Look it those eyes. Cindy

  5. Oh and the Horse ia cute too ;op

  6. Of course I always whip up a stick pony on New Years Eve in two hours. OF COURSE you did!!! And it's way cute. And I want to see pictures of Grandma riding it :)


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