Friday, January 13, 2012

Initial Love

 I decided it would be fun to add a little decoration to the kids doors.
So I picked up giant letters at Joanns the other day and covered them in some Denyse Schmidt fabric I had at the house alla the Anthropologie style I've seen about on Pinterest. I used an interfacing under the fabric to get rid of the cardboard look and opted for grosgrain ribbon on the side instead of wrapping the fabric. Instant gratification is awesome I barely do any projects that take just a few minutes and glue!  
Gratuitous Micah shot... he does have other clothes it just so happens I did all of my picture taking the same afternoon... and he's such a ham I had to share a few! Also the pink on his face is strawberries which he stole off his Dad's birthday cake... 


  1. I love these...may have to try one myself!

  2. Those are cool! Great idea to use ribbon on the side.


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