Monday, September 1, 2008

Stuttgart Weindorf

Stuttgart has the best fests and the Weindorf is no exception. You know who and I were downtown last week and saw the building process begin. It is so cool that they will build tiny timbered houses for two weeks every year. I checked, they have been doing this since 1974. So here are pictures of before and after..... Some of the food we ate View from the Rathaus
I have no idea what he is trying to do but the lady standing next to me was cracking up. I think she was hoping he'd fall in....

Bandanas in the tree. I don't know why.
These booths are extravagent.

Anyway, it was a nice day. If you havn't been, you should try it. Eat yourself silly, that's what we did!


  1. I want some yummy food! So jealous over here! YUMMMMM!!!! You never answered my transmitter question?!?!

  2. ahhh, no kidding on the eating yourself silly! I tried a very interesting wine down there, too. It was called a wild hibiscus... a candied hybiscus flower in a glass of rose sekt. Pretty good! Did you see the one stand with the gorgeous wreath/chandelier thing of all kinds of colorful fresh flowers? So pretty! We were down there they day before they opened, and watched them set up, too! Cool, huh? Our fave place to eat is the Ratskeller place.... mmmmmm:) I love your pics! I didn't get many good ones. I'll have to go again, JUST for that ;) or not just for that!

  3. Ooh! Gotta get down there. I love neue wein!

  4. I demand that you send food to me!!!!! mwah hahahahaha ummmmm.... pleassssssse??????

  5. OK so I should not be typing without my glasses on.... PS spell check does not work on your name...


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