Thursday, July 23, 2009

I had a lovely Thursday.

I finally picked up these cute pillows (from World Market) I had been eyeing them forever and they finally went 50% off! They remind me of my stuff and since I don't do outdoor pillows I thought I needed them. The blue one says ranunculus... which is awesome... I need to hunt some of those down to plant for next year, they supposedly grow here. I love them and I love their name. I mean really who named it that?

We have had a very long two weeks and tonight we just relaxed. We ate out on the patio, which we should really do more often.
Dinner was scrumptious. Grilled Salmon and zucchini. Uber does an amazing job with fish. This one was salt and peppered and then grilled with basil and shallots.

As I was making my shopping list I was also reading Mayfly's post about blueberry ice cream and thought I had to have it so because I have a slight problem with blueberries... I can't stop eating them.
So if you clicked over to the recipe you will notice it is actually blueberry cheesecake ice cream... oops! Didn't read that but it explains so much because when I bit into it I thought hmmm... to much cream cheese not enough blueberries. It's a very good recipe if you are looking for the cheesecake side of things not so much if you were wanting a blueberry overload... But I have a new goal now and that is to find the perfect blueberry ice cream recipe! And if you think it's odd that I didn't catch onto that whole cheesecake thing when it called for cream cheese I would just like to say that some of our other recipes also call for it and do not taste quite so cheesy!

So the reason I went to World Market was to pick up some canisters because I received a get 50% off 2 or more for kitchen canisters... among other things... this morning in my email. I had been wanting to find some funky ones for my laundry area and they had exactly what I was looking for... well in addition to a little extra... There were only two of these left and they were up on a top shelf so I was pulling the second one down and thought it was rather weird that it was lidless... but no biggy I could see the lid. WELL mid getting it down I realize something is in the jar.... something being a LARGE cockroach.... a LARGE ALIVE cockroach....ummm yeah... so I didn't scream or throw it or do anything drastic (very proud of myself) But I did have to go ask the girl at the front to please come kill it... (I didn't really say what it was because there were other customers I just asked her to please come kill something...hahaha) anyway it was pretty funny because the workers passed it around I think the supervisor ended up coming over and taking care of it... which included spraying it with cleaners and who knows what else because I walked away... I wish I had gotten a picture, I am not sure why I didn't... oh wait I know because I was TOTALLY grossed out and trying to keep my cool....ANYWAY
I needed them because when we were up at my grandmothers she had a canister in her laundry that she kept all her lost socks in which is totally a great idea. I bought two one for lost socks and misc items and one for garbage ... I have never been able to figure out what to put my garbage in because I am lacking in extra space. I really think this is going to work out perfectly. Oh and if anyone wants the coupon let me know I can email it to you!
I also completed a long overdue project tonight, I filled the other frame on my shelves!

I used one of my graphics as a stencil. It wasn't what I had originally planned for this frame but Mum told me I needed to start using some of my graphics on my pillows so though this isn't quite a pillow but it is on linen and I like it.

I can't seem to get a good picture of it. It looks so much better in person. In the picture it feels like it is missing something but I am looking at it right now and it looks fine... not sure what that's about. Oh but do notice Ubers hat holder in the background... ahem... yeah it's just so funny isn't it...

Alright well I am in bed even later tonight then yesterday but as you can see a LOT was accomplished tonight so I am not feeling to terrible about that. One more day and then the weekend!


  1. I love the framed graphics! The look so professional and fit perfectly with your decor. I need that rhino. I NEED it! You got it at Z Galerie, right? When?? I have a cast iron pig bowl/platter thingy from Restoration Hardware. I threw the biggest (most embarrassing) fit when I asked for it for christmas many years ago but didn't think Job got it for me. He did. I felt stupid. I'm happy to find someone else who loves Restoration and Z Gallerie. did say you love Restoration, right? Anyway, I love your decorating choices:)

  2. You crack me up. Love the graphic!
    Love you!

  3. Can I have your laundry room, please??? Love your place!

  4. Jenny- Love restoration hardware but we don't have one here. The rhino is from zgallery and they should still have it i didn't get it that long ago.


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