Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pen tablet fun...Part two

So I finally took the time to figure out watermarking... well I started to, got frustrated and then had uber do it! Why can't their just be a button that says watermark maker? Anyway I think I am going to start watermarking everything... WAH HA HA... ok that probably doesn't translate well... insert evil cackle here...

In no particular order here are a few more completed graphics.

This one reminds me of a crown.

The next two are not originals, I saw them in a picture and wanted them, so I made them. They look great with initials inside, very simple and fun. I love being able to make what I want!

This can be added into a border used in corners or just duplicated over and over again like the ones I showed you yesterday. I really like this one.

So it is kind of goofy and I am not sure what it will work for... but it will be good for something!
Now that I am looking at it it's kind of like a fist...
I should of made this out into the border it is supposed to be but I forgot... so this is one piece of a long line ... when I remember!

Alright well I am off... there isn't much to be said about random drawings! And I am sure I have said too much!


  1. Count on me to listen.. except when you cackle, that's kinda scary sometimes.. Busy girl, these are very cool.

  2. Jess I love them all.....looks like a fun thing to do. It will be fun to see projects where you use them.

  3. I think you can get a free action for photoshop that runs a watermark on your photos. SO there's your simple solution! Just press a button and there it is..but you have to have photoshop for this. I'm sure there are other simple ways but hat's the only one i know of. I was thinking of doing that on my photos but something small and not necesarrily (I messed that owrd up baad!)to keep someone from using the photo..just across the bottom..parrishplatz..should I? I love love love your graphics!

  4. I have photo shop... I just still haven't figured out how to use it. Im currently using elements.... You should definately watermark you photos then when someone borrows them you still get credit for the work!


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