Saturday, July 11, 2009

I really thought I had more to say.

My clematis are going crazy... definitely one of my favorite flowers... who know they could grow so well here!
I've been making bookmarks. I got an order from a girl at work for two for her mom, so I made 3 extra for the shop. I'm having a hard time not keeping them since they are so sparkly... MUCH better pictures are up in the shop... so go check them out. I will definitely be making more of these to keep!
Working on some cute packaging for things I hand deliver. This is my first try... I think the sticker needs to be smaller but other than that I'm digging it.

I was contacted yesterday by a local shop that is interested in having me rent space in their store... I'm not sure about the whole renting part. We are going to run by and check it out today so we will see. Either way it's nice to be contacted.


  1. Love the bookmarks, have to wander over to etsy to look at your others, and i think the bag is perfect. Keep us all posted about the shop, that could be so cool!!!

  2. Ooh! I like the sticker on the bag! Hmm... renting... consignment might be better. That way you aren't out any money if you have a slow month. Of course your stuff is so great it may work out really well for you! Good luck!

  3. I sooooo have been meaning to make more of the bookmarks! Love the bag, I don't think it needs to be smaller. So cool about the shop, yeah, consignment is better but......

    Love Ya!

  4. Love the Bookmarkers, like your sticker that size. Hope the store thing turns out good,that could really be a fun thing to try.

  5. Hmm... Could you make the sticker horizontal? Or maybe do one for your logo, and another for the other info?

    Congrats on being "contacted", that's too cool! I'm only surprised that it took this long, you are just too talented for your own good. What store contacted you? I might know it...


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