Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More projects

Welcome do my dark home. Seriously, you can see from the reflection in the mirror that there is sun out there. It just doesn't make it inside. Fortunatley, this shirt is bright and sunny all on it's own. It is the shirt I wanted you to see, not me. After making a child's version from the book "Seams to Me" for the shop, (thank you Mary for believing I was small enough to fit in it), I decided I did need one.
My Sis and I have made several versions of these tops over the years. Simple and comfortable, what's not to like. The moment I decided to make it, I knew which fabric I would use. It's bold and fun and I love it.
This is the second of the purses I've been playing with. My first one sold (hooray) which gave me an excuse to make more. I'm almost done with a third but I keep getting interrupted by work, cleaning and the dog wanting to be walked.

More later.


  1. The top is so you! And once again... LOVE the fabric!

    The purse is fabulous! The fabric is fantastic! And it's really ridiculous just how much sewing you are able to do even with life getting in the way.

    Wish you'd come and finish my baby blanket. I think I may have bit off more than I could chew.... Waaaa

  2. Peasant love!!! It is so pretty, and the fabric was a great choice, looks so cute on you, and the purse is lovely, your sewing is just so good, you need to write that pattern up and sell it!!!!

  3. I love the blouse, comfortable is my goal in clothes these days...and I'm so glad you are doing more of the bags/purses. Ever since you did that one for little James, I've been wanting one. I know I should 'try' to make one myself, but then I think,"why would I do that when Corinnea makes them so perfect"? Just saying....hint hint hint....

  4. Love the top green looks so good on you! Yeah! I'm stoked you sold a purse!! Love the new one

  5. Thanks guys! My house kinda suffers right now but it feels great to get some stuff done! A lot of this though is avoiding some other stuff I should be doing. really. There's a lot. NOT getting done.

  6. You are incredible, LOooooove it! I knew you could do it. Love the fabric and the color. Looks great on you :)

  7. this top looks so good on you! AT work I lkept thinking how tiny it made your waist and how flattering it was. Just gorgeous!!And I love the detail on the bag!


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