Friday, July 10, 2009

Our fourth... a little late

Ubers cousin and wife came down from Atlanta to visit over the holiday weekend. We had a blast showing them Florida since neither of them had been here before. We took them to the beach and found this adorable little guy! I'm totally going to have to try making one of these next time we are out!

Saturday we went kayaking... are you guys sick of kayaking yet? ... we're not!
They had never been and had a great time. I am really not sure why more people don't do this it is SO fun and relaxing!

We were able to get some great shots of the wild life

Look what jumped in our boat! We have no idea when this guy got in there...but he was not happy about it...

I love seeing birds taking off. Uber always makes noise so they do this a lot around us.
This is one goofy bird, it reminds me of the flamingo I think it gets its pink color the same way. It has a weird flat circle beak.

I'm very jealous of birds ability to fly, walk and swim...

Some kind of hawk. I am planning on picking up a bird book so we can start figuring out what some of these are. I want to get a laminated one that we can take out on the water with us....
Friday night we took them out to a Suns game
Uber was tormenting us all with the camera I put the above picture in because he said it makes him look fat... HAHA... Uber and his cousin look eerily alike (this picture is not a good example), I have to be really careful when he is here and make sure I look at their face because at a glance I will think he is Uber... They even have the same birthday 3 years apart... and we realized that all the injuries that Uber had growing up James also had...well James had a lot more then Uber... but he is a tad accident prone.

ANYWAY- there was a fireworks show at the end of the game. Which ended up being a VERY good show. It's definitely the closest I've ever sat to such a large production. I'm really getting into the whole baseball thing... I should probably start paying attention to the game though... I have more fun hanging out, people watching, visiting, and eating REALLY disgustingly good food.

Hopefully I will get around to crafting something... someday...


  1. How fun! Loved the fire works! A bird book is a great idea. The cousin and matt do look similar!

  2. Kayaking sounds like fun. Never done it but I have gone canoeing and that was a lot of fun!

    Going to a baseball game is fun. Although, like you, I don't know much about the game. How'd you like the seventh inning stretch? And I love it when everyone sings!

    AND, I suppose the two look somewhat similar. They probably look more similar in person...

  3. I only like to eat eat eat and drink at games. That stadium is really cool! the grass under your feet is genius! The kayaking looks like fun. or you're making it look fun and it really isn't....:)


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