Monday, July 20, 2009

And another...

I never realized that I liked owls but after the last chart I decided I wanted to try them out again just a little more realistic this time. I am so happy with the way it turned out! There are three different owls on the chart.
I was a little worried that this one might be scary but I think his eyes make him ok.

This one is fun, I think he is a baby.
But this one is by far my favorite. I definately think he will be popping up again in some future projects. I totally want to take him home...
and another new creature the snail.

Anyway it's up in the shop.
Well sorry there's not much more to say. I am watching Last Chance Harvey and it is rather depressing... I am hoping for a happy ending? I have another two charts to finish up and then I will try to be on to something more interesting.... like the new graphics that I have half way finished... that I have nothing to do with after completing them... oh well


  1. I love this new chart, the owls are so very cute, love the last one too, dragonflies are a fave, and love your frogs!!!! Arent they like finding a little treasure? We only have the small ones here, the other night one was on the wall so i had to try to catch it and it peed on me, still love them.

  2. So far I've been able to keep the family obsession with frogs under wraps.... Thanks you two for confirming we're a bit weird.

    I love the owls! The first is a bit scary but I still like him a lot. These are very cool Jess.

  3. I love the owls too Jess, the last one would probably be my fav too! And as for the frog thing, (Miss Corinnea) don't hide it, embrace it.....I'm trying to get a picture of a 'giant' frog in Arletta's pond. It is said to be the size of a plate......I don't know what happened to all the little frogs in my yard, maybe the giant lizard ate them!!!


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