Sunday, July 5, 2009

Maiden Voyage

So before Mum and Dad left we went kayak shopping. We're 'storing' their kayak until they get back to the states and can use it. Last weekend we took it out for the first time and it was a blast! It's a sit on top so it's a little different than the ones we had rented the week before, it's also shorter since this one can be used as a single or double kayak.
I have decided that this is the absolute best way to get to the beach! Yes it is even better then driving up and unloading you car right on the sand. Its so much fun to just load up the kayak and row for an hour or so and then stop on the beach somewhere for lunch.
As opposed to the week before the tide was coming in when we left the dock and out on our way back in-- WOW it is a lot harder when you are going against the current... and in this case the wind as well. We went South this time which doesn't get you to the beach as easily as going north.

This direction snakes you through the inlets out onto a river and then out into the ocean. It was a little crowded on the river. In the picture up above we are sitting at the mouth of the inlet and I am not really sure I want to go any farther, with all of the large boat traffic there are some pretty large wakes... and we have stuff in the boat we don't want to loose if it tips.
We ended up not heading out any farther (which meant no ocean) but instead rowed straight across the river to a very small island that was almost completely under the water (because of high tide) since there was no sand left we just plopped down in the shallow water to eat our picnic... which is usually what we do at the beach anyway so it wasn't a big deal!

This was the little bit of island left ...

We didn't stay out as long or go as far since it was twice the work... but it was alot of fun for the first trip!

Ubers so good he loads the kayak in and out of the truck with out my help...

Here's a few funny clips from our afternoon. Mum and Dad will appreciate them, though I think anyone would find them funny ... or maybe not... I laughed though. To give a little back ground the grass you see in the water is way above our head at low tide so Uber decided that since we could we should go straight though the middle of it instead of rowing around it normal people.

Hope you all had a good 4th! I will try and show you what we were up to tomorrow.


  1. Yep, you guys kill me. I just want to be there!

    Dad says you and I need to wear sandals that stay on our feet.....

  2. goodness... ya'll kill me! Ya'll are so cute together!

    Yup, ya' are....


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