Friday, July 3, 2009

The Beach and Kayaking

Doesn't this make you want to grab a towel and a book? The perfect amount of cloud cover to keep it cool.
I just like Ubers face in this shot

A ship coming in the channel... it looks like it's running aground.

We sat a read magazines while the guys swam (floated) I censored for all of your sakes. (plus I am sure mum appreciates it!) This is the new umbrella we got I LOVE it! Umbrellas are definitely worth the money.

Saturday we tried out kayaking - I had never been. We went through the inlets out to the ocean... though not into the ocean. It was a total blast! Who knew?! I think it might actually count as exercising
See I am working hard!! ... this is how I like to kayak, the problem is he stops rowing when I do..what gives?
It was fun seeing all the different kinds of birds.

This is Jorge my pet crab that didn't want to leave after I caught him!

Herme... isn't he cute?

Uber giving a gooberish smile

I wanted to catch this one but ... I think I probably would have gotten hurt in the process so I didn't try... plus he was too fast.

Blogger is really ticking me off I cant get this picture to go to the end of the post this is the beach up in Amelia Island I just thought it was pretty... it's not supposed to be in the middle of kayaking... oh well I love all of the goofy bridges.

Posing for the camera

He is just so funny....

We totally dug kayaking. It was a blast having Mum and Dad out here and trying things we hadn't gotten to do before. I think this about wraps up their trip, at least the Florida part. I will show you some more crafting we accomplished though.
BTW I sold a onesie!! Woot!


  1. I love seeing the pictures of you all. I can tell you had a blast together...Love that umbrella! looks like a combination tent???!?!?

  2. the umbrella is cool! And the black bars censoring..too funny!

  3. I am not sure if those black bars make me look modest or what!?? I mean it's not like I was immodest but maybe I should be in a tent? I appreciate the thought of trying to save my oh whatever.

    Jorge did love you.......

  4. I wasn't trying to say we were immodest I was just thinking you wouldn't want a bathing suit shot of you on the internet... that's all...

  5. I think you should have covered out eyes too, then no one would have known who we were.

  6. um why are you still awake crazy woman!


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