Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pen tablet fun...Part one

In case you thought my pen tablet had been forgotten I thought I would show you that I have actually been quite busy with it. I just have hide it from myself so I can get other things done. Tonight I decided to go ahead and finish up everything I had started so that I could feel like I had accomplished something... unfortunately I have ton more graphics waiting that haven't been started....but until I figure out what to do with them I really need to stop! So here are four borders, tomorrow I will show you random graphics!

This one looks so simple... to bad all of the wrapping of the lines is NOT simple and near drove me insane I can honestly say this took me the longest... which when you see the last one you probably wont believe but REALLY it took me FOREVER....

This one reminds me of little palm trees... though that was not the intention.

I wish I had all of these back when I was looking for an awesome border... now that I have them I am just not sure what exactly I ever needed a border for... the plan is to use my own graphics in my tutorials ... however I am very slow at getting those out... like they are nonexistent slow. And really I dont want to just waste them there... decisions, decisions!

Enough of that. This one is my all time favorite it totally makes me drool I love it! And it is the reason that I am still up at 11pm and not in bed where I should be. It can be linked continuously or the star (or whatever) on the left can be removed and it can be a banner. YUM I need to print stationary... and then I need to write some one...

Well now that I have accomplished completeing and showing this to you I will be going to bed! Don't forget tomorrow will be random graphics... I know you are all so excited!


  1. I Love the last one, how in the world do you make these???? they are really, really cool, i see wedding invitations.....

  2. Very cool Jess. You're just awesome.

  3. Oh! Oh! Write me! ;-) I love what you've done! You can write me! Seriously!

  4. do you think it would be worth it for me to buy a pen tablet if all I can draw is stick figures? You're making me want one! I love all this scrolly stuff!

  5. Jennifer... to bad I can't just send you emails with all of your commenting... lol... I would totally get one they have one that is only $70 and I like the pen more than a mouse. Even for editing photos-- which you do right?


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