Monday, July 6, 2009

This, that and some other stuff

Warning: only the first couple of pictures are of projects. If you are adverse to seeing me and more of my family having fun, stop here. I'm serious. So, while we were out seeing East Coast family, I did manage to make a few things. So many projects, too little time. This first item is made from "Weekend Sewing" by Heather Ross. Jess had just this much fabric and so we modified them a bit. She also wanted a soft waistband with no elastic. I think the ribbing turned out well. Second project from "Weekend Sewing". Made with Art Gallery Fabrics by Patricia Bravo. I love the hand of her fabrics. We will try to get some for the shop. I made one of these for myself too. Jess is just cuter... I thought of this purse before I left. Got halfway through while I was gone and just finished it last week. I really like it. I think I"ll make another.

The crafting portion of this post has ended. Proceed at your own risk. Thank you.
When we go to my in-laws, we go to the beach as much as possible. The beach on Topsail island is beautiful. Wide, sandy and full of treasure if you're willing to look. I love the beach. It's loud and peaceful. Sometimes I do silly things, like pretend to fly.
Treasure hunting occupies Jess and you know who far longer than me. They are perfectly content hunting together. For the longest time I couldn't find the silly things then they just start popping out of the sand.

Sharks teeth are what we hunt for. I am not sure why. Their cool and smooth, all worn down by the surf. Some are black, some lighter colors. Some are sharp enough to hurt when a certain someone pokes you with them.

Our first night there we got a record 94 teeth. There are bigger ones out there, some the size of your fist. OH! Yeah, that's why we keep looking......

I love this face.
My in-laws have managed to create a sanctuary in their yard. This is a small tribute to them. They started when they moved in, hmmmm, 6 years ago? Time flies. Over the past few years my brother and sister in law have also helped out. It's just lovely and I had to show it off. Should be in Better Homes and Gardens. There are three levels of decks, the middle made up like a living room.

The pond used to have big fish. Then a heron found out. Heron's apparently are voracious eaters of Koi. They managed to save some and found the survivors a new home.
Another of the outdoors "rooms" on a path out to the front.
Just one of the gorgeous hydrangyas my MIL grows.
These cone flowers are so cool. They bloom again on the top. Unfortunately it had rained, hard, and those were not doing so well.
Needless to say, it is a butterfly haven.
Last but definitely not least, please let me introduce you to Mercede. She is lovely. Next to my own Brinkley she might be the coolest dog ever.

This might be the last "family" post for awhile. I am really trying to get some creative work done. Life just keeps being so distracting.


  1. Love it and love your new header how did you manage that one?

  2. Awww, you two are so cute! Glad ya'll had such a wonderful time! Really enjoyed all the photo's you and jess managed to post! Who'd have thunk so much fun could have been had over in that area of the world. But then, it's the people that make the world of difference! ;-)

  3. Hot Mama and her Papi! YOU GO GIRL!!!:) The pictures are lovely it just makes me want to go on my vacation soooo much more... Love the skirt and the capris you guys made. I am glad you had so much fun with the family and you have this beutiful pictures to share.

  4. Beautiful pictures, header too. YOu are so cute. I was going to post some new pictures of my yard, but don't think I will now, they would be too boring...we'll see, maybe I can photo shop them and make them better, wait, I don't have photo shop...............

  5. Sharks teeth! no way, that's awesome, it would keep me searching for hours too!!!

    the pics and the post are superb, family and crafting just kinda go together, couldn't live without either one =D

  6. Beautiful pictures! Enjoyed your blog.

  7. So glad you all enjoyed the pictures!

  8. LOVE the new header pic!!! Such a cute picture. :)

    You manage to take some of the coolest pictures... I love the flower and the butterfly, especially.

  9. I love everything! The header, the sanctuary, the clothing, everything! really cute pj pants!

  10. Love the new header!!!!!!! All your projects are cool and that garden is amazing!!! I'm so glad you got to spend time with your family in the states!

  11. Corinnea I love the shark teeth..amazing find!!! Your pictures are so beautiful indeed aa santuary! blessings Jennifer


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