Sunday, September 7, 2008

People in masks make me uncomfortable....

Conquer your fears......

This was a cool way to spend an afternoon. The costumes were fantastic, freakish, and sometimes scary. You know who kept telling me, "They're behind you!" It wasn't nice, yes, it made me jump.....


These were my favorite girls.

This puppeteer was amazing. He made these little guys seem alive.

People in bags....


  1. oh cool you went!!!Remember this Margaret?? Corinnea, did you see the store called Larue? And didn't you wonder how these people didn't pass out from being covered head to toe and it being sort of hot out at times? I was surprised I didn't smell more people when we went!They didn't have the bag people when we went. kind of cool.

  2. It was fun... Didn't see the store, was too mesmerized by the costumes...

  3. ewwwww. I would have jumped and then beat my hubby's tail for scaring me...pretty but CREEPY.

  4. I forgot to go!!! I went two years ago and LOVED it! My favorite thing was the huge "dinosaur" stilt puppet things...


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