Wednesday, September 24, 2008

*warning actual crafting happening in this post*

I just finished these invites up tonight. They are my first commisioned invites so that is REALLY exciting!

It is going to be a Christmas wedding but this shower is in October. I dont know if you can see on but the white papers is pin-striped and the ribbon is Grosgrain... yum!

Sorry for the terrible pictures it's kinda night here.. but I wanted to show these off!


  1. very very nice! really good job. they look professional!

  2. Nice Jess! I love the pink and black together.... That ribbon is really pretty.

  3. Those are really nice! I like the clip on the recipe card and the colors and the ribbon and... well the whole thing really! :)

  4. The cards look great, I love the bow and the colors.


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