Sunday, September 21, 2008

Such high hopes.....

I had them for this weekend, what I got instead was a migraine.
There were bright spots. I finally felt good enough to leave the house and my Dearly Beloved took me out to dinner. A new place, in a part of Boeblingen we never go to. We need to explore closer to home. The cuisine was Italian so I had gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce. Yum!
Then there is Clara, I was able to finish her. She and Henry are having a good time together. I am thinking of trying to teach younger people some hand sewing with this pattern, it's from here..... They are just so fun.


  1. I dig her! I am glad you felt better enough to go out! JP (amandas little brother) is in town so we went out to dinner with him (italian too.. haha..) Trying to get the invites done today... wish me luck!

  2. ohhhh!!! She is adorable!! I love the name too! I HAVE to make one!! If anyone should teach hand sewing it's you!!

  3. Henry is NEVER going to want to come home with me if he has CLARA to keep him company!!! Sorry you had a migraine. That's a bummer...

  4. Migraines should never happen on weekends, only on a Monday, so sorry you werent well, that you were still able to make something so stinking cute while not feeling well is a amazement to me,remember to take care of yourself!!!


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