Saturday, September 20, 2008


Uber took me on a tour of Kings Point (the United States Merchant Marine Academy) It was raining like crazy… wouldn't you just know it… so we made a quick stop to buy umbrellas… which saved the day. It was fun to see where he spent four years in college. It was very pretty and didn't seem too terrible… though he swears there have been major improvements! The school is in Great Neck on the North Shore of Long Island. The property was originally owned by Chrysler and this is the original house which is where the Superintendent who runs the school hangs out.
The building is definitely in need of some work but it is GORGEOUS. The back side of this building has a spectacular view of the city but this is what it looked like the day we were there…lovely huh?

Here is me. In the rain. It's hard to get pictures while holding an umbrella that needs to be as close as possible to keep your dry…

I had Uber take this picture for me on a sunny day so you can all see what it should of looked like…
This is the Manhattan sky line (behind the bridge) you could see the Twin Towers when they were still standing. The boats are the schools. Apparently this area down along the water is the only area the freshman can't be tormented but the upper classman… let me tell you if I had attended here I would of put up a tent and stayed there. Not that they are like ridiculously mean to the people but they do things like make you cut your corners so you always have to walk the walls and edges everywhere you go and you have to greet every one 'Hello Ma'am, Sir" and then a message can be added to the end "Beat Coast Guard" or something to that extent depending on what is happening at the school during the week… It's VERY easy to point out the freshman because they are all stuck on walls and they have to talk to you I of course said hi back to every single one of them…Oh! and apparently they also have to drop and give you push ups if you feel like 'asking' them to… I was tempted let me tell you… but then I felt like a bully…. HA!

This is the school Chapel (incase you hadn't noticed I am using pictures from two different days)

Here is the inside. The column at the front with the cross is actually 3 sided and spins to do different religious services... very interesting...

This is definately not how Uber looked when he was in school here...

Here's the Basketball area which was getting ready for a volleyball game. I LOVE the way this looks the floors are really neat.

This is me feeling very claustrophobic… I will never be a raquet ball player if this is how I have to enter the room… THE DOOR IS SHRINKING!!!!....UGH! I think I am going to hurl… (and yes I know not all raquet ball doors are like this)

Here's the mess hall. Yummy food is served here….I swear.

In the mess hall they have plaques of the class rings which are designed by each class their freshman year this was Uber's year. They all have the same theme of course but a different interpretation.

This picture is interesting, it is actually there to cover up something else. USMMA is the only military school to have casualties of its students (meaning these kids never even graduated before they died for our country). 142 students died during WWII and their names are engraved on the wall as a reminder. Apparently it was so completely depressing that they covered it. Just a very interesting bit of info for you….

This is the bell the cadets ring when they find out they passed their licensing exam.

This is the statue in a fountain that the fourth company plebes (freshmen) kiss after passing the indoctrination phase (a two week boot camp at the beginning of school) Uber was part of this company.

This is a cool statue that I wanted to take a picture with… isn't he cute he looks a little shocked….
Here is Uber I made him pose occasionally (everywhere) but I will keep it to one random shot….

Oh and here is Uber all dressed up (Yum) I made him get someone to take his picture on a prettier day…
Alright well I hope you enjoyed your tour... I have a couple more post coming from this trip... aren't you excited?


  1. Oh Oh I am very excited!!! Not just because I am the mom either! Really.....
    Tell Uber Goober, (aka bad boy aka faux son) that I think he is very handsome in his uniform!!!!

  2. That was cool! It was ok that it was long cuz you broke it up with all the pics. Very cool place.

    Corinnea: faux son??? That's funny!

  3. I loved seeing all your pictures and will look forward to more. How cool that you got to see all that. AND I think Uber cutie pie looks soooo handsome in his little uniform...hee hee

  4. Thanks for posting all that (I like the way you posted it)! It was really interesting! The church thing that turns is fascinating. Very cool. And the names covered up is weird..I would have thought family members would have complianed that their kids names were covered up.

  5. Yeah Matt says as far as he knows no one complained about it. But it was from WWII. It was just too sad so they covered it up. But that is the story the school gave so who knows. It is in the mess hall where they eat 3 times a day and they dont pretend it isn't there, it's part of the schools history they have to learn about it and know the number of men who died.


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