Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last night's foray into creativity (madness?)

Just one of the reasons I like all ya'll so much is because you're so supportive. I didn't write my last post for getting sympathy (don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the sympathy greatly), or to be told that I am like all of the creative, smart, clever, and above all, nice people I work with (it is great to know you feel the same way about me though) I was being superior and showing how I handle a bad day..... Ha Ha, no, really, I just feel so much better when I play instead of my normal wallowing...... and anyway, it's really fun to hear you all ewww and ahhhh. I never tire of it.

Mom, I never meant to leave you out of the equation in my learning to sew!
Of course you influenced me. I remember all the outfits you made for Sher and me when we were young! I am very glad you allowed yourself the luxury of a new machine to indulge your sewing abilities. Ok, SEW SOMETHING! Ha ha ha

Now on to last nights foray into the creative abyss. This is from here. Jennifer showed them to me and let me borrow the patterns (have I said how generous she is?) It took me months to get the supplies together and then another few to allow myself to make something so, well, for me. (I think I may mean useless) I mean, I can't wear it, can't display it in the shop, it just sits there. Even you know who, who is normally very supportive, said, "what's it for?" In spite of all that, I love him! A lot! (the snail, he needs a name) He's completely hand sewn, so I could put it down to practicing that skill. Can you believe there is a yard of fabric in his shell? He will sit on my shelf and make me smile, so I guess in that way he is quite useful......

P.S. I will try to get a better picture when I have some light.....


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! you're killing me!! I love it!!!!! now i Have to make one or one of his friends! This is why I love oyu:; you inspire me:)

  2. can't spell or spell check...oops:)

  3. I started the turtle this morning..... they love playmates you know!

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG....I want one!!!! He is simply too cute! O!M!G! You have to bring him in! And what are these patterns to which you refer? I must see! He is ADORABLE!

    As to names, you ought to ask me sometime about the last snail I helped to name...

  5. I didn't feel you were leaving me out of your learning to sew, I was leaving me out, cuz you are sooooo amazing that I know you got most of your ability and talent from your mema, and I am sooo proud of that fact. But, it's nice to think I may have been some encouragement. You are so sweet and encourageing to me. Ok, enough of the mush. On to fun things..... I LOVE HIM!!! I want one! And a turtle too!!! Really, I need one, he is just the cutest thing. I am going to name mine(assuming I'm getting one) Slugger....

  6. so very very cute!!! and a turtle, they are really my fav, this i may need to try, love it!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Want to steal it so bad... must resist... Seriously. How much to make more? I have a "thing" for snails... and a TURTLE! Oh crap. Haven will want one too. You know you're evil. And oh so fabulous!!!!

  8. So just go ahead and make 100 because I think you will need that many to cover all the I wants... did I meantion I want one too? Him and the turtle! I already told you but I think he should be named Pokes but then maybe that should be the turtle... But anyway you need to name him ... I think you should write them a story when you are done...


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