Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little Gifts

This is a quick project I did to include in some gift boxes I am sending out (someday) they are lavendar sachets like what I have up in the shop but they are smaller and the ribbon I added on them is positioned to hook onto hangers ... I guess the other ones could go on a hanger too... but I like this version more because there isn't as much ribbon to get caught up on stuff. Anyway they are just fun and something extra for some gift boxes...

not sure if I will make more to sell or not. I want to find a specific potpourri that I like to make some for myself but I cant seem to find anywhere that sell anything but the big chunky decorative stuff... yuck...I am not sure what the point of typing that last sentence was but I am just annoyed about it... so I guess you all should know about it!

This is where matt has been and will be for the next week (if the patches aren't sewn on right I dont want to know I did the best I could with a retarded diagram) I will be joining him tomorrow for the weekend and will hopefully have lots of fun pictures to share when I return so you wont be seeing me around these parts for a little while... but good news he passed his radar thing (which was the whole point of this trip) and he just finished his M-9 qualifications and scored highest in the group as a sharpshooter... we'll see if he can keep this up through the pool day...ahem...


  1. Love the sachets. I don't say that just because I hope to receive one in a gift someday.... they look really nice!

    Good for the bad boy! Tell him he better pass the pool part or I make fun of him forever! Even if he is a sharp shooter and an excellent radar guy which I suppose means he could hunt me down and um well.... tell him good job!!!!!

  2. The sachets are really cute!!! Then you started speaking in another language with that whole military thing........ I'm sure everyone else knows what it means and it sounded good, so congratulations? ;)

  3. Matt's in the military?? I didn't know that! Or am I missing something..
    I love the sachets! I'm going to try and get your mom to go to the Craft Messe this year and she can look for some pretty smelling stuff while there. I had seen some there before. What I want to know is: who's visitng your blog?? Look at that recent visitors map! holy cow!

  4. The sachets are darling, I just wouldn't want to hide them in my closet,a wall hanging????? hummm If I would actually harvest my few little lavendars next spring.......
    tell Matt good job! I hope you both have a fun time on your vacation.

  5. Gasp!!! That little pouches are darling! I love them! You do such great stuff, Jess. :)

    Oh, and don't worry, the patches look fine. (I'm married to a Navy man too!)

  6. Yeah! I am so glad the patches are right... you have no idea... Uber Goober went to the Merchant Marine Academy and is in the Naval reserves (for only 1 more year Whoot!) as part of paying back for his schooling.
    Oh and I have no idea who is looking at the blog but I just dig that that shows where they are... they never comment obviously.... haha


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