Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is the circus in town?

The prep work for our "event" was extensive and difficult. The tent in the background took seven people and an entire hour of discussing the correct placement of poles, pegs and ropes. One know-it-all suggested "mocking up" the thing and was severly mocked for the suggestion. Darn it, I was tired.... Day two, we left it to the professionals. Cory and Collin were perfectly capable and the second tent went up in no time at all. With just the two of them. Not seven of us running into each other and numerous clown antics.
There was one mishap, the sledgehammer didn't survive..... Collin went to hunt up another. I nearly died laughing when he walked around the corner with this sophisticated piece of equipment. I mean really, that was the hammer we needed the day before!
All's well that ends well. Thank goodness for strong capable guys, even if they use a clown hammer.


  1. hahahaha! Omg, that is totally an ACME grade hammer! Lisk something out of Looney Tunes! Colin, you need to give that back, Wile E. Coyote is going to be looking for it...

  2. Can i borrow that hammer, that are some people I'd like to chase with it. Love seeing some pictures of Collin too!!!

  3. I tired to post on Sherie's blog, but it wouldn't let me....bahumbug....I guess I'm going to have to do a blog too in order to stay in touch with ya'll. Love the pic of Collin, I sure miss him. I have some bugs I could use the hammer on once Sherie is done with it, just pass it on.......I want to see more pictures of your big event.....please.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! That's so funny! I was thinking those hammers for that game of strength at the fair. But ACME is perfect!


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