Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I think I want a Gocco...

It would make my life so much easier! I have spent the last hour looking for non-christmas Christmas cards for a friend at church. I wanted to suggest something handmade... but am not really finding anything reasonable out there... because she needs 100... ouch! Anyway I wish I had a Gocco... or better yet a letter press (HA!) because I would totally do them for her!

I also wish I had one just because they look like fun and I can think of alot of fun things to do with them. Like business cards... I have been toying with logo ideas (this actually evolved out of something else) and I kind of like this one

I am unsure of how to get it from the paper to the computer... I'll let you know what I figure out... but I am also happy to hear any suggestions... on the christmas cards or the business cards... maybe I will carve a stamp... hmmm....does anyone know how to do this???

P.S. This is how I get myself into trouble....


  1. Really like the logo.... I will leave it to others to give you advice on how to put it to paper.... I mean I know you can scan it to get it to the computer but that's all ... obviously never thought to steal those abilities from anyone.....

    Are the gocco supplies any easier to get? That was the problem when I was looking for you. You would go insane with one of those. oh ha ha insanely crafty I mean....

  2. I'm going to now have to google gocco. You coulda linked it to wikipedia for us stupid people! I have carved stamps before. Corinnea and I were just talking about that the other day when our speedball supplies came in. It's not fun, but it's not hard. Go to your local craft store and see if they carry speedball linoleum stamping starter kits. The pink one is the softest and easiest to use for the first time.

    As far as the computer goes... you're a genious! You can do it! Just find fonts that are similar to what you drew, or that you are satisfied with, and manipulate them until they look like that. :)

  3. Does illustrator do this kind of stuff? I found the coolest stamp near Neuschwanstein (sp?) like this but yours is better becasue of the fonts and your middle initial is in there too. The stamp is two letters and supposedly no matter what they'll have your two letters together. It's hard to explain but you know you think, "oh they won't have my initials". well they do! Mine is JP but if my initials were PJ then I'd use the same stamp. Anyway, probably didn't make sense. Love the logo really really love it. I can't draw!! waaa....


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