Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday Evening (much smaller post)

We had a lovely dinner Friday night with some of Uber's long time friends. I had not met them before so I was a little nervous since they love Uber but I was very excited to find out they are truly wonderful people!! It is so nice to have friends you don’t even know about. I do think Uber is rethinking the introduction though we teased him A LOT! Back in college he used to eat these poor people out of house a home… they thought they were being nice telling his parents to send him over for dinner and what they got was 4 years of hungry for dinners… can you imagine? Haha… Anyway she is a WONDERFUL painter and even sent me home with a water color she did which I am VERY excited about getting framed! Her daughter is GORGEOUS and a lot of fun we talked her into hanging out with us a little on Sunday as well. Hopefully they will get down to visit us next. Here is all of us out at dinner…we had yummy Greek food!
This is an oil painting she did of some Irish scenery… I am still trying to figure out how to get this out of her house… she did it for her daughter though… so maybe I wont steal it…she's lucky I like her!
Here is the water color she gave me… need to figure out how I am getting it framed (mom?!?!) I will show it to you again when I get it done! I really love it. Its very warm and wintry. I love the flags and trees.

Alright well I need to go get a shopping list together. I will show you more later!


  1. Fun to meet your new/old friends! Beautiful painting! What a nice gift! Keep it simple...... white mat, brown frame.... just my opinion...

    Her daughter is gorgeous!.....

  2. that lady is talented! very very nice and to give you one?? She must have really liked you:) I agree with your mom about the framing.

  3. Ummm... So I had gotten a quote but I picked out sueded Mattes coco brown with midnight blue on the top and then a 3 inch deep brown frame... is that not good??? I thought it was pretty but I never have had to do this on my own...I need help people here are terrible they could totally care less! I need to find out what you guys would charge because I think their price is ridiculous I mean REALLY ridiculous... but who knows

  4. Love that painting, she is really talented!!! As for framing, it is crazy expensive here,think what you picked out sounds good, think what your mom suggested sounds good, so hard to choose when you are making an "investment" into a piece. Oh and loved seeing Matts school, looks like a real university, love the old architecture, glad you got to go see where he spent so much time, and you look darling by the way!


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