Monday, September 29, 2008

Apparently I shouldn't be messed with...

Uber had been bugging me for a while to get out to the range. We finally went this last Friday and it was a lot of fun. Totally a stress reliever (HA!) After shooting at our own targets for a while (which is fun but gets a little old) Uber decided we should compete and who doesn't like a little competition?!?
I am on the right and Uber is on the left… never would of guessed that huh? To be fair Uber is usually better than this… but I WON I WON!! Oh and that stray on the big bulls-eye that is my one out of five that didn't go into my target.. I TOTALLY did THAT on purpose (right….thbt) not to bad for someone who has never shot a hand gun before… we will definitely be doing this more often!
Oh and presents for small ones. Finally got this in the mail today I don't think his mom reads the blog so I should be safe and not be ruining any surprises... This jacket is SOOO cute! it has fold over pockets on the sleeves! And what little boy doesn't like dinosaurs?

Alright off to work on a new project!


  1. You used arrows!! I love it, I am old so I couldn't quite see all the hits. Can't wait to go up against you!

    His mom reads sometimes...... ha ha ha but probably not right now.

  2. Every little boy loves Dinosaurs, infact I know one little girl who loves them too =-) That sweater looks so cute and warm for the fall. Congrats on beating the hubby at the Gun Range. I'd end up shooting my foot off instead of the target.

  3. Yeah, can you be on my team if ... well can't really think of something ... but you know if I ever need someone on my team with a gun! Haha!


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