Monday, September 1, 2008

Beach Day…kinda

Since Fey came through I wanted to head out to the beach to see what it looked like I was hoping for some cool shells or teeth. We went out there this morning we like to go to Hanna Park it is great there usually aren’t a lot of people out, there’s plenty of parking and the beach is clean. We paid to get in and 1 minute later (literally) the sky opened up and poured…. So we hung out in the car for a while because weather changes in Florida every 10 minutes and then we headed out to the beach when it stopped raining

We didn’t get to do a whole lot of walking because we didn’t want to get stuck too far away from the car if there was another down pour since we weren’t dressed to be wet just for a walk. The beach looked TOTALLY different there used to be a lot more sand the beach went out about 15 to 20 yards farther then where it is now. About a quarter mile down the beach was a washed up navigation buoy (Uber is so smart)

I never realized how big those things are! Usually the life guard chair would be out where the people are in the water. Here's the closest we get to a good shot together... Uber's specialty

The swells were HUGE...compared to normal and there was a ton of foam... not sure exactly what causes foam but it kind of creeps me out… there were some people out but they weren’t getting very far into the water it looked slightly dangerous out today with Hanna messing around just South of us (which now is apparently heading almost right for us this Friday as a Category 1… what gives?!?! Oh Uber says we should be good though...)

I messed around looking for shells there were a lot but with the way the beach has changed the water gets deep really fast and the waves coming in are larger so unless you want to get wet it was hard to catch anything good I did find this shell though and it is pretty awesome it only has one little broken spot at the top other then that it is intact. I got to get away with looking because matt didn’t want to go to far (YEAH!!) and he was on the phone. I love looking for shells!

Well after being out there for about an hour with occasional rain drops scaring us the sky cleared and it got extremely hot to the point of feeling like your skin was sizzling off so we decided rather then get burnt we better head in for the day since we hadn’t slathered any sunscreen on. It was nice to get out there though…


  1. Cool shell! I love the pic of the bird over the foam.

  2. Strange, the weather was like that here yesterday. It would rain (not pour just sprinkles) then the sun would just blast us. I miss the beach! Love your pictures! So glad you and the bad boy had a good day!

  3. I like taking pictures at the beach there is always something fun to see. I need to start using my camera more....I am LAZY!

  4. you almost made me want to visit the beach...almost! But I'm not sure if anyone knows this...little known fact..I HATE the heat! Crazy huh? coming from San Diego everyone assumes I love the beach and heat and sand in your crotch and the way the sun zaps every ounce of energy, blah blah, I could go on! Oh and the smells! don't get me started! I will visit the ocean though when we go home but I'll only enjoy it so much..

  5. Ha I am not a beach person either I just try to love it because I figure I may not be so near it someday...later...hopefully... unless it is a seatle beach with mountains near by.... sandy crotchs are akward! That is why we are walking people!


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