Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clara's in love...

With Antonio. Yes, he is a super hero snail. There is a reason behind this madness, really. The more I do these, the more practice I get, the better able I am to teach, right??? Right.


  1. omg he haS A CAPE!!!!!! (that's supposed to be me raising my voice towards the end of the sentence...) THAT'S SOOOO CUTE!!!!! Antonio, huh? Likes herself a little Italian! Hehe!

  2. These truly are wonderful! I love the way you photographed them with that background.

  3. The photo looks professional! Like you had a little studio! I like how Clara is looking at Antonio. Chloe is the third wheel...she needs a man too.

  4. So, I see a christmas tree, covered in super hero snails with sparkly hats and little tiny bells on the tips and glittery little capes, and you could wrap glittery gauzy stuff around the tree and under them and make it look like they are leaving a trail, maybe they could carry little present bags, super-hero santa-elf snails, I really, really need to copy you and make some of these!!!

  5. I took them to work. It's not like I am hiding them from you know who.... he reads the blog... but maybe if he doesn't see them he won't think about the fact that there are four snails out there and no clean clothes! They need homes.

  6. making little superheros is more important than laudry.

  7. I am LOVING them.............I think I see a movie in the future!!!

    SUPER Snailllll..dadadadad!!!

    We need a Spanish one now.


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