Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A domesticated weekend

When you know who is hard at the books, I really can't think of a better way to spend my weekend. Time to cook, clean, launder and finish projects. I like everything except the cleaning part.... I do it, but I don't like it.... I bound this quilt by machine because it is a couch quilt and will get used, a lot.

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Does anyone really like raisins over chocolate??
Blue Sky alpaca yarn... yum, but if you don't like wool you probably still won't like this.
I think my camera has started adding 20 extra pounds.... It is really not fair to have done all that bike riding and still have so much to show... Anyway, it is actually about the blouse. It is the Sabrina Tunic by Serendipity Studios. It is just so girly.
A bag for my latest crochet project. Made with the Chelsea pattern by Amy Butler. The handles were a pain and I am not happy about it. I love the look, but will need to bar tack the corners. If there is a easy way to get them to fit, I would love to know....


  1. Hellloooooo busy! Love love love everything! I had heard from Di Di that the chelsea bag was hard (the handles). Looks good! The top looks sooo good on you! that style is very flatering. And love the scarf! IS it soft?? Must be soft adn not get hairs in the mouth (yarn hairs). yeah the quilt is done!!! Feelsa good huh? Looks good too. not time to spell check:)

  2. The scarf came out soo good, dont you love working with that yarn, the pattern that you did is really pretty. Should I attempt the sabrina tunic pattern, super cute on you,you look fab by the way!!! And love the quilt, and love the bag, and please send cookies, chocolate all the way, raisins in cookies are just wrong!

  3. Prolific yet again. I want to be you!! Love the top. It must be so cool to wear your art other than accidental paint drippings or evidence of an easy way to clean a brush.

  4. Thanks guys!!!
    Jennifer, the scarf is not soft like minky.... hmmmm... minky scarf..... I will bring it in and let ya feel it.

    Sher, try the tunic, you will probably need the x small and even then check the fit before you do the final sewing. Glad you liked the scarf. I made the pattern up as I went along. Not smart but it worked, sort of, could have used another skein....

    Mary Beth, you are waaaayyyyy too nice to me!! I would LOVE to be able to paint like you do!!! You know if you throw fabric medium into some paint and just paint the shirts on purpose.... I'm just saying.

  5. oh i love the shirt it looks so cute. i like the fabric you chose a lot better this time. And that bag has one of my favorite fabrics on it so of course i have to love it. and yes raisins over chocolate....yeah right!

  6. Great blouse! I am "sew" envious!!!

  7. Thanks Tamie! Your Tiny Yarn Animals book is really tempting!


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