Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well I didn't end up burning it... BUT lets just say this is not in anyway what I had initially planned it to turn out like. But I think i like it ...

It was supposed to have a zipper and handle. There was actually a zipper attached at one point but you know what it just wasn't working! I did this project completely out of scraps that I had around the house. The cover is linen every where you can see but there is cotton hidden all on the inside from various previous projects.

I love the quilty pieced look that I keep seeing but it really isn't something that would match my style as far as carry it around with me so I hid it I know it is there but no one else will... I am a closet patchy quilty person (like that makes any sense). Part of my issue was not wanting to make the cover too big for the book and because of this worry it ended up being too small (to have a zipper) so it really just turned into a cover for the cover which is what I needed anyway because for some reason the leather shrunk after sitting in the sun... which I totally dont understand because Uber Goober's it perfectly fine and he is always leaving his lying places.

Anway I added a pocket to hold papers in the front and pockets to hold pens in the back and then stuck a button on the front. The elastic band that hold it together is a hair band. I saw the idea on someone elses blog (I am sorry I can't seem to remember who but I think they used it for a coat) and thought it was an awesome idea. So there it is. I would have got this up sooner but I keep going back and forth about putting some more decoration on it (which is where I started messing around with intitials... I just cant decide if I should leave it plain or not. So let me know what you think!


  1. Uber Goober? Is that what you came up with for Matt? LOL! I think it's really nice! I like the patchwork tucked away on the inside and the writing untensils pockets. I think I might be inclined to want some decoration on the front. What about one of your stencils that starts at the spine and feathers out to the front? If you're going to decorate it, I would suggest stick to those gorgous stencils you do.

  2. I'm with Kelly but I liked your initials so maybe you could hand embroider that.


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