Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Way!

I just had to post about this cause I think it is cool... this site mentioned my blog for the tour of Kings Point I did the other day - how wierd is that!!


  1. That's cool!! Wonder if Sher's you know who has ever seen some of the sub stuff.....

    Dad says if you are going to be featured, you need to learn to spell......

  2. How cool is that??? Wow, you really just never know who's reading!

  3. That is what happens when you post on the 'internets'. As Kelly mention, you never know who is going to read it. And nobody writes about Kings Point, let alone takes pictures while there.

    Glad you appreciated being linked.

    Fred Fry
    Maritime Monday Author
    (& KP Grad)

  4. I guess I am a nerd...I loved it I keep wishing I had taken more pictures. I thought the school was really great unfortunately most people dont know what it is. So anyway I am glad someone could appreciate the post!


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