Thursday, September 11, 2008

Neglected garden

I do think the web is very cool .......


  1. That is very cool! Isn't nature wonderful....I wonder if she second guessed if it was pretty enough, if she should add to it or do it over?!?!? or thought it was just perfect? hummmmmmm

  2. You have a garden??? That is a cool web!

  3. I am thinking there was some anxiety mom. Of course I could just be projecting....

    Kelly, I tried to have a garden. I neglected it. It is full of spiders and slugs. I would post a picture of the slugs but it would gross my mom out.

  4. What about us arachnaphobics? I just got shivers down my spine!!!

    Sadly, my garden is also neglected, partially because of the spiders that live in it.

  5. That would be called the, "I wanta be an artist" anxiety!!!! WAAAAAAAAAA

    I still think my bug stories are grosser than your slug stories. But I don't want to gross Margaret so I won't share them.

  6. I love to look at spider webs, I hate walking into them. This one is just gorgeous. How do you find such nifty stuff to take pictures of??

  7. I can appreciate the time and effort it took to make the web and I can appreciate your photography but I'm with Margaret on this one! Spider's are baaaad!

  8. smoosh it! just kidding.... maybe... no I think I am... alright now I am unsure...if you call me monday it needs to be later like after 10:15 pm you time... it's cool if that is too late!


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