Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do you have pictures that just make you happy to look at?

Ok so that is a ridiculously long title... but so what... it's my blog and I can do what ever I want! I actually have projects that are done but I haven't taken any pictures. So I was looking for something pretty to put up instead and came across this. I think my brother took it, it is the same place as my banner just in the winter (Austria). I want to be there right now!

Ahhh... smell that fresh mountain air? I am up to the right on the mountain... in a lounge chair.... just perfect...

...please don't disturb me.

p.s. for those of you who would like a real post I will try to get on it tomorrow!


  1. I think it was a real post! Well, I too like that picture and could be there with you in a heart beat!

  2. I wanta be there!! Please, please. Just add an espresso! Your last two blogs have two of my favorite things; beach, mountains!!! Just add an espresso, oh, I already said that!!

  3. I think you should include espresso in your next post! HA! I think I'd like to be there right now too!

  4. OF COURSE THERE'S COFFEE this is ME day dreaming!!!! Just out of the picture is my hot austrian lederhosen clad boy and he keeps my coffee cup filled warm and perfect... well maybe not the lederhosen... but he's hot and he's there!

  5. Add to your day dreaming: his single father, of course way good looking, for me................


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